A parish council is a civil local authority found in England and is the first tier of local government.

A parish council serving a town may be called a town council, and a parish council serving a city is styled a city council; these bodies have the same powers, duties and status as a parish council.

Parish and town councils vary enormously in size, activities and circumstances, representing populations ranging from less than 100 to up to 70,000.

Civil parish councils should not be confused with Parochial church councils which administer parishes of the Church of England.

Civil parish councils, which can be called Community councils should not be confused with Rural community councils which engage in rural development work.

Witham St Hughs Parish Council was created on 4th May 2000.

We have a wide range of powers which essentially relate to local matters, such as looking after community buildings, open space, allotments, play areas, street lighting, bus shelters, car parks and much more. They also have the power to raise money through the council tax.

There are 2 common misunderstandings about the role of Parish Councillors. They are not employees or volunteers, we are elected or co-opted representatives who give their time for free to work on behalf of the residents of Witham St Hughs.

Your Councillors are…. Cllr Karen  Harrison – Chair, Cllr Jason Snape – Vice Chair, Cllr Roger Linnell, Cllr Tony Young, Cllr Russell Eckert and Cllr Peter Rothwell

Parish Clerk Nicola Green, Any queries should be sent to parish.clerk@withamsthughs-pc.gov.uk.